Ham WiFi

This website is dedicated to WiFi technology for Hams (amateur radio operators). Although Hams have only limited privileges over other users of WiFi, they have a few specific needs that differ from consumer and commercial users. This is especially true for emergency communications. For example: high data rates are not usually a concern anywhere near as much as high availability and reliability.

The intent here is to document the ways in which commercially available hardware can be used with open source software to provide useful communications tools for Hams. Standards and interoperability will also be discussed.

I will be starting this website off with my own current project, which is a small general purpose device to interface radios to WiFi. Primarily packet radio, APRS and PSK31 on SW/VHF/UHF. I envision eventually ending up with a small inexpensive dedicated box that plugs into a radio and runs off 12V and only consumes a few Watts at most. I'm looking at leveraging inexpensive Android "Mini-PCs" like the Rikomagic MK802 II.

I also have a true dual-band JPole antenna design that's fairly easy to build and can be used in a PVC enclosure or hung from a tree. It has a simple trap to improve its UHF performance over designs without traps. I will document it here too.

NOTE: I plan to install a wiki and blog here too, but have had too many security issues so far. I will work them out and try installing them again soon.

Arthur J. Lekstutis